Saffron Drewitt-Barlow

For twenty years, Saffron was the only girl in the house and she knew how to use it! Saffron, once dubbed the “Most spoilt child in UK” by the Daily Mail, knows what she wants, when she wants it and how to get it!

Saffron writes a regular column for the Sun Newspaper in the UK and is often seen appearing in news shows, magazines and newspaper all over the world.

Saffron lives between the UK and USA, spending time in Tampa at the family home, but also at the family property in Miami and LA. She spends a lot of time in Manchester, living in the loft over in Manchesters Gay Village and the family’s English Mansion in Chelmsford Essex.

Saffron loves to shop and spends a lot of her days shopping in London, Paris and NY. But spends her nights in the top nightclubs around the world with some of the worlds trendiest people!

Saffron is single, but looking!