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Interested to know the story behind the Drewitt-Barlow family that you won’t find in the newspapers? Here is their story from the beginning.

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Drewitt-Barlow Family Media Appearances

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Barrie Drewitt-Barlow Testing Fake Makeup On NBC

A great clip from US TV station NBC2 where Barrie Drewitt-Barlow helps to test fake makeup bought online to see what it really in it  

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Daughter of Britain’s First Gay Dads Sets Up Cosmetic Company

That’s right. Saffron Drewitt-Barlow has started her own business and it’s going crazy. Within 6 hours of launch of her new product it was totally sold out world-wide!

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2013 Australian Morning TV With Barrie & Tony Drewitt-Barlow

Tony & Barrie Dewitt-Barlow talk about gender selection and surrogacy 

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The Drewitt-Barlows Come Out For LGBT

Meet the whole Drewitt-Barlow family with a great video for Come Out For LGBT  

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Meet The Drewitt-Barlow Family

Tony & Barrie met in Manchester in 1987 and have been on quite a journey since. From hairdressing to having the most talked about surrogacy centre on the planet.

Their crowning achievement is being the first same-sex couple in Europe to be named on the birth certificate of their first twins, Aspen & Saffron. Since then they are the proud parents to three more children; Orlando, Jasper and Dallas.

the drewitt-barlow family

Our Story

Find out all about the Drewitt-Barlow family, who they are and where they have come from

TV Shows

The Drewitt-Barlows have been the subject of many TV shows. You can watch them here

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Meet all the members of the family here, read the bios, see the pictures and view the Q&A’s


From BBC’s One Show to ITV This Morning, the Drewitt-Barlows have been interviewed many times. Watch all the interviews here.

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