Jasper Drewitt-Barlow

Barrie & Jasper

Jasper Drewitt-Barlow was born with a donated egg and the help again of surrogate, Donna, who also gave birth to Orlando.

Jasper is one of the funniest little boys you will ever meet! He is the oldest of the youngest set of twins. He is Dallas’ big brother and he clucks around him like a mother hen!

He loves to do school work and loves to draw and dance. He will be found in his spare time just sitting and reading. Jasper and Saffron clash on everything, the two of them will go at each other until one of them is in tears! The age difference means nothing, he will go at her until he feels he has won, its like a competition between the two of them all the time!

Jasper was born at almost the same time as Dallas. Born by C-section, as Jasper was being pulled out, Dallas was right behind him.

Birthday: 2nd February

Current Location: Tampa, Florida

Favourite School Subject: 

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